Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Tassel Club presents......

The next show from the Tassel Club has changed location! It is now in the Button Factory on June 6th! Get your tickets now from!

The Tassel Club shows are such a great opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy something different on a night out! They are filled with amazing burlesque performances, great comedy, and brilliant circus performers! The shows never fail to impress and you feel like you are in another lifetime where things were much more glamorous and fabulous dahhling! The effort the audience go to to dress the part is really quite something! Everybody seems to be just having a really great time at the shows. The Tassel Club really know how to create a great atmosphere.

We have been very fortunate to both see a few and work at two of their shows!
The beautiful and uber talented Sara Colohon founder of the Tassel Club asked us to style a vintage fashion show for their Valentines show back in February! It was so much fun going to all the fab vintage shops in Dublin like Dirty Fabulous and picking out outfits!
Seriously if the vintage stores are not in your budget try second hand shops like Oxfam on Georges St..we picked up some fab 40's inspired gloves and hats! Cheap and cheerful! (Tip: Ask the very pleasant and helpful staff they had some beauts stashed in their storeroom that a staff member so kindly dug out for us!)

The Tassel Club's next show is no exception...the line up includes Empress Stah, Roxy Rhinestone, Dusty Limits and Miss Behave...for more info check out their website ....
If you have never been to a show before here is your perfect opportunity!

see you there !

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