Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Love.

W Korea November Cover.

Wonderland November/December.

Double Denim.

From Head to Toe.

Kirsten Dunst Vs Magazine Outtakes.


Lula's Magical Mystery Tour. See the rest of the shoot here.


Last minute Halloween Inspiration.

Such a good tutorial.

In fairness if all else fails. Endless amount of looks to choose from.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mood Time.

The outfit..

The basics-Moss coloured jeans & shirt from Topshop. Shoes- Christian Louboutin
Backpack- The Row.

Topshop have in these really cute velvet bow ties which would can go great with a shirt for something different..They come in burgundy & teal.

Some Winter coats..All the colours of the season.
Cape from Zara

Faux grey fur from Topshop

Red , blue & green from Asos

The Hair..
I am not over dying your tips..Lauren dyed hers peach for all of one day I think but it was gorgeous..

The Song..

Nobody Said It Was Easy.

No Shit Sherlock. I can specifically remember people ringing in and requesting Coldplay on MTV Select when I was younger. I remember seeing the video for the first time thinking Jesus this is grim, Chris Martin moaning about a primary colour on the greyest of all beaches, him also a big blob of grey.(Please don't preach to me about metaphors and the meaning of their songs. Can't cope.) It got worse for me when he married Gwyneth 'Goop' Paltrow and they named their first born after a member of the fruit & vegtable family. This pained me. I came across an article last night by Sasha Frere-Jones for the New Yorker who wrote what I have always wanted to say about Coldplay in a much more articulate way. The first few lines got me hooked...

"It’s hard to deal with vexingly adequate music. In 2008, I ended up somewhere beyond vexed after witnessing an evening of Chris Martin foofing about and dispensing false modesty like it was a donation to the Red Cross"

Please click here to read the rest of the article.

I know they have sold millions of records around the world but God they are shit, especially this song... It's right up there with Toploader's "Dancing in the Moonlight". Why do national radio stations still insist on playing these songs?

Mundane music at it's finest. If you youtube "Dancing in the Moonlight" they all come up on the side. Youtube gets it also. Some examples apart from the God awful two above...
1. Drops of Jupiter "Hey Soul Sister" Wow, I have no words for this song.
2. Daniel Powter "Bad Day" We all have bad days but hearing this song makes it worse.
3.Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" Thank God you're not.
4. The Fray "How to Save a Life" Christ.

If you have anymore examples send them my way!

I'm done. My apologies to all Coldplay fans.I can sometimes tolerate "Fix You" but only because I associate it with a great movie starring Josh Hartnett. You know the kind of movie where Josh meets you at the airport after a long haul flight and 'shock' you don't expect him to show up haa , God Bless epic airport scenes. Of course they had this song playing along in the background.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When I Grow Up...

I want to be a ballerina & wear Chloe. Beautiful video courtesy of who provide "Daily exclusives for you to love". If you haven't come across this website yet I really recommend you check it out. Also worth watching is their latest video with Sarah Burton. Click here to explore.

Janie Taylor for ChloƩ on

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"We Need To Talk About Kevin"

This movie was so good, Tilda Swinton is such a great actress and Ezra Miller did an amazing job playing Kevin as did the very young actors playing Kevin as a child. I have never read the book. I wish I did though because I prefer to read the books before watching the film adaptations. This is a terrifying thriller but so well made and worth watching.

"Hey Mrs Mix!"

Editorial in Elle France starring Edie Campbell. How gorgeous are all these outfits?

see the rest of the shoot here x

Friday, October 21, 2011

MAC hearts Snookie.

MAC have been posting these videos over on their Facebook this week.
This is a mini series where MAC MUA's are pitted against each other to design
and create Snookie's Halloween look .
They are really funny little videos, I'm a teeny bit hooked on them.

Snookie is hilarious, and she looks pretty good here too!



One of my favourite days of the month is when the newest issue of Nylon lands on my lap.
I'll sit and read it cover to cover, sipping tea and imagining that I'm in New York running around being Super Fly.
That is, until I read Peaches Geldof's monthly column , and the rage kicks in.

Ok so I can forgive Nylon for their little UK pop culture obsession, however, hiring this excuse of a person to enlighten me really pisses me off.

I can usually ignore her nonsense and laugh it off, however this month the rage took a turn for the worse.

This month she explains what it takes to be an IT girl.
Collective sigh.

"Step 1: Test the water.
At a party monitor the levels of attention you get. Are people looking at you ? Do they seem drawn to you? Perhaps let a girlfriend in your scheme and at the end of the party tally up the results. "

What sore of self obsessed nonsense disease is this woman trying to spread?
Oh to be a pal of Peaches. Standing around at a party (obviously in the shadows as there is only room for one IT girl at a time) monitoring how much attention she gets. Good God. And this moron tries to pawn herself off as an intellectual.

"Step 2: Get the look."
Bla.. Bla ...Insert references to over saturated Style Icons of the past. Followed by descriptions of her own outfits.
" Am I feeling dramatic? I'll go for a red cape, black spike heeled boots and black lipstick"
DId you say dramatic, or like a streetwalker, Peaches?

And now for the final, and funniest step...
" Step 3: Act the part.
The role of IT Girl is simple: to be alluring , to dazzle, and to inspire."
Oh I wonder , WHOOO you are referring to here, Peaches! Forget to take your modesty pills today did we?

"It girls throughout history have often been put down because of their apparent lack of talent. But their talent is to appeal to people on a plane of existence where they are admired for the mysteries of who they are rather than what they do. "

No, really . I am not making this up. I wonder if this is what she tells herself to make her life spent coasting off her parent's money and fame seem really deep and substantial.

She continues...
"But this isn't a get out of jail free card for doing nothing for the rest of your life: the best IT girls are those who have the talent and ambition to back up the hype. Start an amazing project , get together the rock bands you always wanted to be in, take acting lessons.." Score a column at Nylon...

Ok so maybe she's an easy target and maybe I'm just being a total bitch. What do you make of Peaches' inspiring words. Will you be following in her IT ways?

I'll leave you with her final words of the column.

"Next time you feel low , find that It girl inside and focus on her until she lights up your very being . And then maybe, everyone else will see you glow. "


Images via weheartit.

"Car Park Couture" Dazed & Confused.

So simple, so beautiful.
Photographer ~ Charles Freger
Stylist ~ Karen Langley
See the rest of the shoot here x